The Bridge House review: Seasonal pub grub in theatrical surroundings

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Delicioso! Gnocchi with wild mushrooms, roasted squash, spinach and cannellini beans

© Memoirs Of A Metro Girl 2013

Lots of light: The airy pub features ample seating in the space

Little Venice is one of the most picturesque suburbs of London so it’s easy to see why people are drawn to it. However, amongst the canal boats and seven-figure properties, is a pub with rather more to offer than your usual drinking hole.

The Bridge House is located on the south side of the Regent’s Canal on the corner of Westbourne Terrace Road and Delamere Terrace. The white stuccoed exterior of the building fits nicely in the row of Georgian terraces. With such great views of Little Venice nearby, the pub has suitably large windows and high ceilings, letting in lots of light. With the Canal Cafe Theatre located upstairs, the theatrical theme infiltrates to the pub below with chandeliers, benches and red velvet dotted throughout. For those who want a bit of comfort, there are plush leather sofas and fireplaces to roar with warmth in the winter.

A group of friends and I who all happened to have a day off at the same time ended up at the Bridge House on a Monday afternoon. After working up an appetite with a long walk along the canal, we were pretty hungry and thirsty. While the pub was understandably quiet when we arrived around 3pm, once office hours finished, the pub quickly filled up. Of course, when the theatre is open, the pub is likely to be incredibly busy.

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The airy interior features dramatic chandeliers, reed velvet and varnished wood

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The entrance on Westbourne Terrace Road gives the customer the option for culture or food and booze

The pub offers 11 speciality beers and four real ales, although I’m more of a cider girl myself so ordered a bottle of Thatcher’s – quite apt given it was the week of ex-PM Margaret Thatcher’s funeral – which was a medium, dry cider. There is also an extensive spirits collection, as you would expect, so I opted for vodka and lemonade after my post-lunch tipples.

Although rather late for lunch, my friends and I ordered one anyway from the all-day menu. Two of us opted for the Gnocchi with wild mushrooms, roasted squash, spinach and cannellini beans. The food arrived swiftly and the service was friendly and prompt. The dish was really tasty. The gnocchi was perfectly cooked, with the spinach giving the carb-heavy dish a lighter feel. I ate the lot incredibly quickly due to a combination of hunger and enjoying it so much.

The setting of the pub could not be beaten, with the adjoining theatre upstairs giving your night out the potential option of a bit of culture – ticket sales permitting of course. The 60 seat theatre hosts cabaret, stand-up comedy and one man (or woman) shows. The range of drinks was as you’d expect in a pub, with a wide menu catering to various diets and food allergies. I highly recommend The Bridge House for day or evening. I can’t wait for the summer to try out their garden.

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The Bridge House is a stone’s throw from the Regent’s Canal in the heart of Little Venice

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