Happy 1st Birthday to Memoirs Of A Metro Girl

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Memoirs Of A Metro Girl turns one today!

One year ago today, I finally made a long-held fantasy of becoming a blogger a reality. I’ve worked in the media, and more specifically online, for over a decade and was eager to fulfil my passion for my other interests outside work. Anyone who has read my blog, won’t take long to realise I’m a vehemently proud and patriotic Londoner. I had an amazing childhood in the city, am loving working and playing here during my career years… and health and finances permitting, hope to retire here too. This blog has made me find out more about the city I live in and has inspired me to utilise my free time more.

Over the past 12 months, I’ve reached many milestones, have had thousands of hits and am currently at over 200 Twitter followers. I really appreciate all the support of my readers by sharing, retweeting and ‘liking’ my posts. However, I am still striving to grow my blog and reach even more readers, so if you like what you see, please tell your friends, family and colleagues about MOAMG.

Here’s my top five most popular blog posts of the past year:

Follow the Wenlocks: Olympic discovery trails around London. August 2012

Can lampposts be fashionable? The myth of the Coco Chanel street lights. February 2013

Rock ‘n’ rollin’ at the Rivoli: Jive Party at a 1950s ballroom. November 2012

Inside out: A rare chance to step inside the Lloyd’s Building at Open House. September 2012

Ooh la la! Crazy Horse cabaret comes to London with Forever Crazy. October 2012

Thanks for the continued support.

A Metro Girl in London

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  1. We share the same birthday! My first blog post was 13-May-12… what a coincidence.
    All the best for a great 2nd year, Ian.

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