MINT Polo In The Park 2013: Bringing a country sport to the big smoke

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Several matches with teams from various countries took place throughout the day

Polo has long been associated as a sport associated with the countryside set. However, once a year, MINT Polo In The Park aims to bring polo to the people of the city. The three day event (7-9 June) features teams from six world cities – London, Beijing, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Abu Dhabi and Sydney – competing. I went to my first ever polo with a few friends on a Friday afternoon – named City Friday, which was billed as a summer office party. The polo field was surrounded by bars and seating – including the pop-up Mahiki bar and a Pommery champagne garden. There were plenty of food outlets, a Club Med outlet for children, Pimms’ bus and even shopping outlets. Although the forecast had initially misled us into believing there would be sun all day (there was a little rain but plenty of ample cover), the sun eventually made an appearance. It made for a glorious afternoon, sipping cocktails and bubbly in the Mahiki tent while overlooking the polo matches. Overall, I had a really good day, despite admitting I don’t quite understand the rules of the game! With the sunshine out, everyone dressed quite smartly (wedges and flats girlies – no heels!) and plenty to keep you occupied, it’s a good day out for both adults and families.

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