Dining at Her Majesty’s Pleasure: The Clink restaurant comes to Brixton Prison

© PhonoPhoto on Flickr

© PhonoPhoto on Flickr

Move over supperclubs and pop-ups – there’s a new culinary experience on the block… dining in a prison. Following the success of The Clink restaurants in HMP High Down and HMP Cardiff, London is set to get its first prison restaurant staffed by prisoners. Brixton Prison is opening its own branch of The Clink on Thursday 27 February 2014.

The concept of The Clink is to help rehabilitate prisoners and give them some skills and training to utilise when they return to society following their release. The scheme also attempts to bring down re-offending rates. The Clink trains 24 prisoners – who are approaching the end of their sentences – every year, who leave with culinary qualifications.

Of course, dining in a prison means diners will be subject to security checks, so it is advised to arrive earlier than your booking to give yourself time to go through all the necessary procedure. Phones and cameras are not allowed so unfortunately there will be no gastroporn to post on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • The Clink restaurant in located at Brixton Prison, Jebb Avenue, Brixton, SW2 5XF. Reservation times: Breakfast 7.15-9.15am. Lunch 12noon and 12.30pm. Open Monday to Fridays only. For more information and booking, visit The Clink website.

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