Baileys Feaster Egg Hunt: Time for adults to have some Easter fun!

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Experience the elegance of the Rococo movement and the meaning of true chocolate indulgence at the Baileys Feaster Egg Hunt
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Since we’ve already said goodbye to our teen years and become hard-working adults, it often feels like the Easter Holidays are only for kids now. Like most people my age, the amount of chocolate eggs I receive has heavily dwindled since I reached legal drinking age. However, I’m sure most would agree – women especially – we love chocolate just as much as we ever did so why are the children getting all the cocoa-natured fun?

Well, Irish cream liqueur giants Baileys have decided it was high time that adults got to have some of the sweet treat action at Easter. The company have teamed up with the Chiappa Sisters and Harvey Nichols to create a special one-off adults-only Easter Egg hunt in the Knightsbridge store.

On Saturday 19 April, chocolate-loving foodies will have the chance to experience an immersive theatrical adventure and take part in an Easter egg hunt. The audience will be transported back to the 18th century Rococo movement, where they will get to interact with royalty, subjects and courtiers as they hunt for a Baileys Chocolat Luxe Easter Egg. Once the egg is found, there will be a bespoke six-course Easter feast created by the Chiappa Sisters served on the Fifth Floor Terrace.

Tickets are priced £25 and included the theatre experience, six-course feast and Baileys Easter Egg. Tickets must be booked in advance for one of the nine slots between midday and 9pm on Saturday 19 April 2014. Over 18s only.

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