Explore the street art of Croydon at the RISEfestival 2018

Croydon Street art © Memoirs Of A Metro Girl 2018

Shakti by Saroj Patel for the RISEfestival in Croydon

This September has seen the inaugural RISEfestival in Croydon, south London. Some of the world’s leading street artists have joined homegrown talent to bring new art and installations to the streets of ‘Cronx’. The festival, which takes place 5-15 September 2018, is being hosted by the RISE Gallery in Croydon.

Over the past few years, Croydon has quickly become one of the biggest street art hubs in the UK. Urban artists have brought colour and creativity to the urban decay. Previously ridiculed for its concrete office blocks, the street art has been helping Croydon’s growing reputation as a cultural centre.

As part of London’s largest international urban art festival, 60 new murals will be added to the streets and squares of Croydon. During the event, there will also be live music, workshops, walking tours, film screenings and a block party.

As someone who went to college in Croydon, I know the area well but hadn’t been to the town centre in years until this week. I had long heard about the area’s urban artistry and was amazed by the huge collection of murals. Here’s a selection of photos of the new murals for the RISEfestival, along with some more established pieces from the past two years.

  • The RISEfestival runs from 5-15 September 2018 in Croydon. Nearest stations: East Croydon or West Croydon. For more information, visit the RISE Gallery’s Facebook page. Check out #croydonsrising on social media.

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Artists featured in the gallery are Saroj Patel5kyh1gh, Zenoy, D7606, Rich Simmons, Wrdsmth, Hayley Welsh, Haz and David Hollier.

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