Ultimate London quiz Part 1 | Test your knowledge of the Big Smoke with 20 questions and answers

London-themed questions and answers for your next virtual pub quiz.

Big Ben Westminster arch © Memoirs Of A Metro Girl 2020Thanks to the likes of Zoom, Houseparty and other video conference apps, many of us have been taking part in virtual pub quizzes as the lockdown continues.

If you’re hosting a video quiz and want to test your friends and/or family’s knowledge of the capital, here’s 20 questions and answers.

This London quiz covers elements of the capital’s history from Londinium to Shakespeare to prisons.

Most of the questions will put your memory to the test, although there’s a couple of multiple choice options to help your participants out.

See just how well your friends and family really know London.

London quiz questions

Q1) What is hidden underneath Cleopatra’s Needle?

Q2) What narcotic used to be sold at Harrods until the early 20th century?

Q3) Pentonville and Holloway prisons are located in which London borough?

Q4) The City of London building 20 Fenchurch Street is better known by which nickname?

Q5) Which London rail station is named after a former priory?

Q6) Which City of London church inspired the tiered wedding cake design?

Q7) Name the architect who designed both the Battersea Power Station and the Tate Modern’s building.

Q8) What decade did the last execution at the Tower of London take place in? A) 1960s B) 1910s or C) 1940s?

Q9) Which London tube station is closest to Little Venice?

Q10) How many people died in the Great Fire of London? A) Six B) 112 or C) 25?

Q11) Boudica, who led a revolt on Roman London in AD60 or 61, was the Queen of which Celtic tribe?

Q12) In which London neighbourhood can you find ‘Little Portugal?’

Q13) Before establishing The Globe on Bankside, William Shakespeare used to tread the boards in which East End district?

Q14) The lions at the bottom of Nelson’s Column are identical – true or false?

Q15) Which London park is home to a pet cemetary?

Q16) Which mythical figure represents the City of London?

Q17) In which London neighbourhood can you find Charles Dickens’ former home and now museum?

Q18) In what U.S. state can you find the old London Bridge, which was sold by the City of London in the 1960s?

Q19) What the original use of the building which now houses the Imperial War Museum?

Q20) EastEnders’ fictional neighbourhood Walford shares the same E20 postcode as which east London area?

London quiz answers

A1) A time capsule was buried when the Needle was erected by the Thames in 1878. It includes children’s toys, a razor, copies of the bible, a Bradshaw Railway Guide, and 12 portraits of ‘pretty ladies’ of the day.

A2) Cocaine – along with morphine – was available for sale in Harrods in the 1910s.

A3) Islington.

A4) The Walkie Talkie.

A5) Blackfriars.

A6) St Bride’s Fleet Street. A baker living on Ludgate Hill found inspiration from the tiered steeple while designing a cake for his own wedding day.

A7) Giles Gilbert Scott.

A8) 1940s. German spy Josef Jakobs was shot by firing squad at the Tower in August 1941.

A9) Warwick Avenue.

A10) Six.

A11) Iceni.

A12) Stockwell is home to a large Portuguese community, with many Portuguese businesses located in the area.

A13) Shoreditch. Shakespeare performed at both The Theatre and The Curtain Theatre.

A14) False, the four lions are slightly different.

A15) Hyde Park.

A16) Dragons.

A17) Bloomsbury.

A18) Arizona. Robert P McCulloch spent just over £1million on the Georgian bridge.

A19) Psychiatric hospital. Bethlem/Bedlam moved from Moorfields in 1815.

A20) Stratford.

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