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The spirit of Brazil comes to London: Celebrate the Rio Carnival 2015 at Guanabara

Guanabara Carnival Parade

Who needs Rio? Watch Guanabara’s Parade before heading inside to the opening party during Carnival Week

For many people I’m sure, going to Rio De Janeiro for Carnival is high on their bucket list. However, if you can’t make it to Brazil for the big event, then why not enjoy a taste of the Carnival in London?

Capoeira Guanabara

Watch Capoeira while sipping on Caipirinhas and eating Brazilian street food

Brazilian restaurant, bar and club Guanabara are hosting a week of Carnival-themed celebrations from 11-17 February 2015. Revellers will be able to enjoy Brazilian food and drink – including the famous Caipirinha cocktails – while watching entertainment from top percussionists, bands, samba dancers and Capoeira artists.

The festivities kick off with a special carnival edition of ‘Circo do Guanabara’ on 11 February, featuring Basil live percussion, circus acts, Rosa Nazira samba experience and DJ Bruno, with ‘Samba School Madness with Rhythms of the City’ following on 13 February.

One of the highlights of the week is the ‘Opening Party and Carnival Parade’ on 12 February, featuring the London School of Samba, DJ D.vyzor, Basil, Samara Reis Dance Co. and DJ Limao. The action kicks off at 5pm and goes on until the early hours of 2.30am.

On Valentine’s Day, couples and singles are both welcome to party at the Masked Ball, featuring entertainment from Guanabara Samba & Capoeira All-Stars, DJ D.vyzor, Basil, DJ Limao and Paraiso School of Samba.

During the festivities, Chef Leandro de Oliveira will be offering a special menu of carnival favourites, focusing on a selection of popular Brazilian street food dishes. Tickets during Carnival week range from free to £12, but it’s recommended to book in advance through the website.

  • Guanabara, Parker Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5PW. Nearest stations: Holborn or Covent Garden. For more information, visit the Guanabara website.

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