Contents of travel blog posts

As fairly evident from my posts and tweeting, I am London through and through and love this city to bits. However, I also love to leave it… preferably involving a plane. While being a total city girl, I am also a vehement travel junkie who once had the target to travel to 100 countries before I die (a bit over-ambitious, especially with a full-time job and a mortgage to pay). So when this Metro Girl does leave London – both to explore the UK and overseas – expect a post covering my adventures.

Here’s what I’ve written so far. If you’re thinking of going to these places on a holiday or weekend break, I’ve included lots of handy tips and links so help you on your way.

Happy travels!

Metro Girl


Cornwall travel review: A long weekend at the end of England. Cornwall.

Not just for petrolheads: Goodwood Festival Of Speed. Goodwood Festival Of Speed, West Sussex.


Sun, seafood, Spritz and turquoise waters on the stunning island of Sardinia. Alghero, Sardinia.

Hills, pasteis and ginjinha: The many charms of lovely Lisbon. Lisbon, Portugal.

Geysers, waterfalls and Northern lights: A mini break in Iceland. Iceland.

Gastro delights, sunshine and a whole lotta history: Why Malta has more to offer than you think. Malta.

Hogueras De San Juan 2014: An amazing, but noisy weekend in Alicante. Alicante, Spain.

Le week-end à Paris: Disney, landmarks and laughs in the City of Lights. Paris, France.

Back to the White Isle: Relaxing and partying in Ibiza. Ibiza, Spain.

Venice Carnival 2013: A masquerade on the City of Water. Venice, Italy.

Do the Cannes-Cannes: Living it up on the French Riviera. Cannes, France.

Move over Capri, Ischia is the island to go in Campania (with better beaches too!) Ischia, Italy (and a bit of Amalfi and Positano).


Las Vegas review: Take a gamble on the City of Sin Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


Sexy Sydney: There’s more than you think to Australia’s harbour city. Sydney, Australia.

Marvellous Melbourne: There’s so many reasons to visit Australia’s cosmopolitan city. Melbourne, Australia.


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